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Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Propecia (Proh-pee-sher) is a medicine which is used in male-pattern baldness. Propecia contains finasteride. It is supplied by Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited.

Propecia 1mg tablets when used in male-pattern baldness

Propecia is used to reduce male pattern hair loss. Propecia works by blocking the action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body which affects hair loss in men. It should never be taken by women.

If treatment is stopped, the beneficial effects of Propecia start to wear off after six months. By 9 to 12 months all of the beneficial effects will have worn off and the hair loss will be the same as it was before treatment started.

Do not share your medicine with other people. It may not be suitable for them and may harm them.

If a doctor prescribes you Propecia, they will send you a detailed message telling you how to take your medicine. The dose and quantity will be set by your doctor. For Baldness it is generally one 1mg tablet per day. You should not change the dose of your medicine unless you are told to do so by your prescriber.

If you feel that the medicine is making you unwell or you do not think it is working, then you are asked to message your doctor so they can fulfil their requirements of after-care for you.

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Generic name medicines

A generic medicine name is the official medical name for a medicine. (e.g. ibuprofen or aspirin).
Medicines that work in a similar way often have similar sounding names (e.g. penicillin or amoxycilin).

Generic Name for Male Pattern Baldness Medicine: Finasteride

Brand name medicines

A brand name is assigned to a generic medicine by a pharmaceutical company for marketing purposes to make it more memorable. A generic medicine can have multiple brand names.

Brand Name for Male Pattern Baldness Medicine: Propecia

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