Policies and Procedures


Anytime Doctor ensures that all treatment and care provided is patient-centred. This means that Anytime Doctor develops its policies and procedures by thinking of a patient's needs first and how the service would benefit patients. Doctors who work within the company or those to whom practising privileges have been offered are provided with polices and procedures that cover all aspects of clinical care. These documents focus on patient-centred care and are kept up to date by cross referencing with industry standards.

It is a requirement of the Private and Voluntary Health Care Regulations 2001 for Independent Health Care and the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, that all providers of independent healthcare have appropriate polices and procedures in place to help ensure the quality of treatment and services.

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Anytime Doctor is committed to the highest levels of patient care, to that effect we will begin to put our polices & procedures online for the benefit of our patients. These polices are the legal guidelines that we follow to ensure that patient safety and care is at the forefront of our clinic.