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How can I stop smoking?

About 2 in 3 smokers want to stop smoking. Some people can give up easily. Willpower and determination are the most important aspects when giving up smoking. However, nicotine is a drug of addiction and many people find giving up a struggle. Nicotine is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs in existence and studies have indicated that up to 95% of smokers relapse within the first year of quitting. If you have decided to stop smoking, help is available.

GPs, practice nurses, or pharmacists can provide information, encouragement, and tips on stopping smoking. Also, throughout the country there are specialist NHS 'Stop Smoking Clinics' which have a good success rate in helping people to stop smoking. Your doctor may refer you to one if you are keen to stop smoking. Over the counter nicotine replacement therapy gums, sprays and patches can also increase your chance of quitting.

The prescription medicine varenicline (trade name Champix) can also help and is available on prescription from Anytime Doctor. Champix provides relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It works on the pleasure centre of the brain to cut the satisfaction smokers get from a cigarette. This means that if you have a lapse and smoke a cigarette, you will find it less enjoyable and are more likely to continue to want to quit.

All services provided by Anytime Doctor are safe, fast and confidential. You can obtain treatment within the privacy of your home and without the inconvenience of waiting for an appointment.

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Treatment Options

  • Recommended for use 2 weeks before your planned date to stop smoking
  • Available as a 2 week starter pack with follow on packs or 12 week smoking cessation course
  • Packs contain 0.5mg and 1mg tablets to be taken as directed
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Champix® (varenicline) Continuation Pack - Out of Stock

  • Quit smoking with Champix® (varenicline) Continuation Pack
  • Available as a 4 or 8 week continuation pack to follow 2 week smoking cessation starter pack course
  • Fill in a brief questionnaire to order continuation packs containing 1mg tablets to be taken as directed
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Smoking kills. Smoking is the biggest cause of death and illness in the UK with more than 120,000 people dying each year from smoking related diseases such as heart disease and lung cancer. The fastest way to improve your health is to quit smoking. The health benefits of stopping smoking start almost immediately - after only 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal, within 8 hours the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood are halved and within 1 year the risk of a heart attack is halved.

The benefits begin straight away. You reduce your risk of getting serious disease no matter what age you give up. However, the sooner you stop, the greater the reduction in your risk.

If you have smoked since being a teenager or young adult, stopping smoking can have the following benefits:

  • Stop smoking before the age of 35 and your life expectancy is only slightly less than people who have never smoked.
  • Stop smoking before the age of 50 and you decrease the risk of dying from smoking related diseases by 50%.

It is never too late to stop smoking to gain health benefits. Even if you already have COPD or heart disease, your outlook (prognosis) can be much improved if you stop smoking.

Current evidence indicates that about 4 in 10 smokers who want to quit smoking will be able to do so with the help of Champix®. During drug trials, 44% of the group treated with Champix® had stopped smoking after being treated for 12 weeks, as opposed to 11% of smokers taking the placebo. Over the same duration, Champix® was also shown to be twice as effective as Zyban (bupropion), the other main anti-smoking drug treatment.

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  • Genuine medication prescribed and dispensed by UK GPs and pharmacy
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