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Jet Lag Treatment

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How can Anytime Doctor help me?

We provide this regulated, specialist service for patients who wish to obtain medicine to avoid and overcome jet lag. This treatment service is for patients who will be flying to another country where the time difference is more than three hours.

Jet lag can take several days to overcome; your body clock's regular rhythm is easily disrupted by intercontinental flying. Our service can help you plan ahead to minimise jet lag.

All services provided by Anytime Doctor are safe, fast and confidential (we do not inform your GP). You can obtain treatment within the privacy of your home and without the inconvenience of lengthy doctor waiting rooms.

How does the Anytime Doctor service work?

Step 1:             Register online and complete the free online medical questionnaire consultation. A doctor will review your questionnaire and, if it is safe to do so, approve you for treatment. You do not pay for your doctor consultation.
Step 2: If you are approved for treatment you will be sent a text message asking you to log back into your secure patient record. You can pay for your jet lag treatment using a debit or credit card.
Step 3: Order before 4pm Monday to Friday and our partner UK Pharmacy will aim to dispense and despatch your medicine in that day's post using Royal Mail Special Delivery for delivery before 1pm the next working day. Your medicine can be delivered to your work or home address, someone needs to sign for the delivery but it does not have to be you.

Why are no prices shown for Anytime Doctor treatment services?

At Anytime Doctor, we aim to offer you similar pattern of healthcare as if you were to visit your normal GP for a face to face consultation. We believe it is important that you complete a medical consultation and receive a diagnosis by a licensed doctor before you are offered treatment options. Once a doctor has approved you for treatment all prices are clearly displayed. Your registration and medical consultation is free and you are under no obligation to purchase any treatment after your consultation.

How does this jet lag treatment work?

Your doctor can prescribe you melatonin which is a tablet form of a hormone that is secreted naturally by the pineal gland in your brain as your eyes register the fall of darkness. At night melatonin is produced to help our bodies regulate our sleep-wake cycles. By taking this hormone in a tablet form it can help your body adapt to your new destination's local time quicker.

How to take your jet lag treatment

You should only take this treatment if you have travelled to another country that has a three or more hour time difference from the country that you left. You will need to take a tablet an hour before bedtime for up to four days after arriving.

What are the potential side-effects (contraindications) of this jet lag treatment?

All medication and antibiotics can cause side effects. Your jet lag treatment can cause nausea and diarrhoea. Some people who have taken melatonin have reported sleepiness, headache, and stomach discomfort. The leaflet accompanying the treatment will list some of the rarer side-effects.

When answering your medical questionnaire for jet lag treatment it is very important that you answer the questions truthfully to ensure your doctor has a full picture of your medical history before they prescribe you treatment.

How effective is this jet lag treatment?

Currently within the UK, melatonin is not licensed for the treatment of jet lag. However, clinical evidence shows that melatonin can help with the symptoms of jet lag. Available evidence points to a greater benefit the larger the time difference between two countries.

Who should not use this particular jet lag treatment service?

You should not request this treatment service if you are allergic to melatonin, or if you do not intend on travelling to a country where the time difference is more than three hours from the country you left or if you take regular medicine to help you sleep.

This service is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing, or people with severe allergies or auto-immune diseases.

Alternate treatment options:

Your body will naturally overcome jet lag, melatonin is used to accelerate this process.

Looking after your jet lag treatment:

This treatment is for YOU only. Do not give it to others. It may not suit them. Do not take this medicine after the expiry date stamped on the pack. Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children.

Where can you find out more information?

Patient information leaflet (PIL) View Melatonin Patient Information Leaflet - (1.25MB)

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