How to manage herpes simplex virus infections

Herpes simplex virus is one of eight human herpes viruses. Herpes occurs worldwide, in both sexes and all age groups. Herpes last forever, once infection has occurred, it cannot be eradicated. Herpes infections may reactivate, spontaneously or with identifiable triggers.Available Herpes Treatment can manage the severity of a Herpes outbreak. Good STD Treatment is an effective way of managing all aspects of sexual health.  

Herpes occurs as two subtypes, HSV1 and HSV2. The term ‘primary infection’ is used to describe infection with either subtype in an individual previously infected with the other subtype is termed ‘non primary, first episode disease’.

The incubation period is approximately five days, with healing of the lesions within two weeks without scarring. Herpes recurrences have been attributed to stress, illness, menstruation and sexual activity.

Catching herpes occurs through close contact with people who have either active symptomatic disease or asymptomatic viral shedding, but it is 100 times more likely to happen form individuals with active disease. Autoinfection from one body site to the other is possible. 

For Herpes Treatment, antiviral therapy is more effective if started early, certainly within five days (but later if new lesions are still forming). Antivirals reduce the severity and duration of primary infection but will not cure herpes forever.

Oral antiviral therapies include: Aciclovir, Valaciclovir and Famciclovir.

To limit the number of clinical infections, reduce symptoms and viral shedding, suppressive therapy is recommended for patients experiencing frequent recurrent episodes with sufficient severity to justify this approach.  A sympathetic and non-judgemental approach to patients with herpes infection is essential. The patient should receive an explanation that herpes has the ability to reactivate and that reactivation may not cause symptoms. In sexually active patients, sexual intercourse should be avoided while symptoms are present; the use of condoms should be encouraged to minimise the risk of infecting any uninfected partner. Regular Sexual Health Testing and a Herpes Test is also an effectiveway of managing the infection and promoting good sexual health.

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