Psychological impact testing positive for Chlamydia

Very few data studies have looked at the potential harms of Chlamydia testing. This study assessed the psychological impact of receiving a positive Chlamydia Test result. The study looked at women over 18 years of age undergoing Chlamydia testing in 4 GUM clinics. The women were surveyed at baseline and about 1 month after receiving test results using a validated psychological scale and Chlamydia specific questions. Changes in scale scores were calculated for each womingan.

Chlamydia trachomatis infection (Chlamydia) is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK and can lead to adverse reproductive consequences such as pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and ectopic pregnancy in women. Because most women with Chlamydia have no symptoms, routine screening is recommended nationally for all sexually active women. It is particularly recommended for Chlamydia Test of all sexually active young women based on direct evidence that screening reduces adverse reproductive health outcomes and that the benefits substantially outweigh the harms. However the US Preventive Services Task Force noted the lack of data about potential harms associated with Chlamydia Test, specifically psychosocial harms, and the need to research this area.

Very little is known about the frequency and intensity of adverse psychological consequences following the receipt of positive Chlamydia tests.

Chlamydia-positive women had significant increases in anxiety about sex and concern about chlmaydia, but it did not have marked changes in more general measures of psychological well-being about 1 month after diagnosis. Chlamydia diagnoses were associated with some disruption of relationships with main partners.It is imperative that following a positive Chlamydia Test result that Chlamydia Treatment is administered without delay.

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