Are You Looking for a Secure Online GP Consultation Service in the UK?

A visit to the doctor can be a stressful experience for some, and if you feel the same or you simply have no time to make the trip, you can consider consulting with an online GP instead. Online doctors may be convenient as you do not have to talk face-to-face with an actual person, but keep in mind that it is not suitable for medical emergencies, which require immediate attention from an actual physician or medical team.

Online consultation services will typically require you to fill out a questionnaire, which will be reviewed by the doctor before a diagnosis is confirmed and prescription will be made. However, you must consider these things to ensure safe and secure online GP consultation services in the UK:

  • Find out how it works – Leading online GP consultation services are free, but you will have to pay for the prescribed medication, which will be sent to you. Physicians will suggest treatment options that are suitable for you, including the duration and dosage. Once you have picked your medications, your order will be completed through the secure payment system, and the prescription will be electronically delivered to a partner pharmacy, which is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. The medicines will then be delivered to you on the next day.
  • Verify that the GP consultation services are legit – There must be GMC registered doctors, and the service itself must be regulated and authorised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the government body ensuring that the NHS and dentists, GPS, and hospitals are being run safely for the patients. Make sure that online GP consultation services comply with CQC’s regulations and the Health and Social Care Act.
  • Get to know the physicians and the pharmacy – Ensure that the doctors are based in the UK and that the pharmacy is licensed and registered and providing only authentic medicines.

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  • Genuine medication prescribed and dispensed by UK GPs and pharmacy
  • Free next day UK delivery
  • Discrete service, no face to face appointments needed
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