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Asthma affects the airways and makes it difficult to breathe. When it is triggered, air passages become inflamed, causing the airways to temporarily narrow and prevent oxygen from travelling properly to the lungs, resulting in symptoms like wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. It may be a chronic condition, but there are medications and treatments to help you breathe normally again. One of these is the asthma inhaler, a portable, handheld device that control the symptoms of asthma and deliver the medication to the lungs. One in every 12 adults in the UK is using an inhaler to manage their symptoms.

  • Where to buy: You can purchase high-quality asthma inhalers online with a prescription from an online GP. Look for a secure, established, and CQC-regulated online general practitioner consultation service with GMC registered physicians, complete the medical questionnaire, and wait for the GP to assess your condition. The medicines will be prescribed and delivered straight to you. Reputable GP consultation services can dispense asthma inhalers like Ventloin Reliever, Clenil Preventer, and Flixotide Preventer. They are qualified to prescribe Qvar Preventer, Pulmicort Turbohaler Preventer, Symbicort Turbohaler Preventer, and Seretide Preventer, too.
  • Types of asthma inhalers online: Ventolin Reliever is a metered aerosol reliever inhaler that delivers 100mcg of salbutamol for every puff to deliver immediate relief from asthma symptoms. However, it can only be prescribed to you by an online GP if you are already using salbutamol inhalers as prescribed by your own physician. Clenil, Pulmicort, Qvar, Seretide, Clenil, Flixotide, and Symbicort Turbohaler Preventers are used regularly to minimise the frequency of attacks. This means they are not meant to be used during the actual asthma attack.
  • Relievers vs preventers: Asthma inhalers are either relievers or preventers. Reliever inhalers are for quick relief from symptoms, and they usually contain short-acting beta2-agonist medication, which is used when you feel the symptoms emerging. They work by relaxing your airway muscles and help you breathe again. Preventer inhalers tend to work over time to minimize inflammation in the airways and prevent attacks, making theme essential to daily management.

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