How to Buy Circadin Online for Jet Lag Treatment Without a Prescription

Even the most frequent flyers cannot escape the symptoms of jet lag. Fortunately, you can easily buy Circadin online. With this medication, you can overcome the feeling of tiredness, sleepiness, and dizziness and start resting and enjoying your vacation properly.

Taking Circadin can help you go to sleep because it contains a substance called melatonin. But unlike sleeping pills, it does not really make you fall asleep - the melatonin simply tells your brain when it is time to sleep and wake up. Hence, it supports your natural sleep-wake cycle. By adjusting your body clock to the new time zone, you can slowly normalise your sleeping patterns.

Take note that the effect of Circadin is not immediate. It will take one to two hours before you feel sleepy and have that desire to go to bed. For best results, you should take Circadin an hour or two before bedtime.

Circadin is not a generic sleeping pill for everyone. Some people say it doesn’t work for them. Aside from this, some people also get side effects such as headaches and nausea. It’s therefore important to take advice from a doctor and ask for a prescription prior to buying it.

You may be asking - isn’t it possible to buy Circadin online without prescription? The answer is no. Buying this medicine online isn't like purchasing it over the counter. You still need a prescription from a certified doctor. It is just easier to buy online, specifically from an online healthcare provider, because their services include online consultations with their doctors.

To purchase Circadin, you must answer their online medical questionnaire. Then, their GMC-registered doctors will assess your condition and your medical information before prescribing medication. Only then will they submit the prescription to their pharmacy partner and ship the medicine to you immediately. This is more convenient because you don't need to get an appointment with a doctor.

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