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Genital warts are caused by common strains of HPV (human papillomavirus), specifically strains 6 and 11. The good news about this diagnosis is that the majority of cases (save for rare and unusual ones) are never linked to cancers other HPV strains cause. Genital warts are much like your ordinary skin warts - they are dead layers of skin that are being pushed up, causing flat or bumpy occurrences that can cause discomfort and itching in the genital areas.

Although there isn’t any known cure for the underlying virus, treatments for genital warts are available and they can be purchased online for a more discreet cure for your condition. Below are some of the most common treatments used to cure genital warts:

  • Topical treatments, including gels and creams targeting genital warts are widely available. These are great treatment options for those who always remember to take their medication, as these require regular application to ensure maximum potency. Prescription creams and gels designed to cure genital warts work by destroying the warts by means of immune-enhancing proteins that help the body’s immune system to fight the growths. Over-the-counter topical creams and treatments are your best options if you want a discreet way to get rid of your genital warts. However, there are many other solutions that you can explore, although they do require a visit to your GP.
  • Cryotherapy is one such in-clinic solution, that destroys genital wart bumps by using liquid nitrogen, which causes the skin cells to burst. Some doctors may also prescribe acid solutions, which target infected issues. Acid preparations may be applied weekly, although great consideration must be taken as these solutions could also burn healthy skin while killing warts. There are also surgical options for treating larger affected areas or warts that are not responding well to other treatments.

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