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Chlamydia is one type of sexually transmitted infection that both men and women can acquire. It can be hard to detect chlamydia as its symptoms are similar to those of gonorrhoea. And some people don't experience symptoms at all. To prevent chlamydia, doctors recommend using condoms when having sex. Regular testing for STDs and chlamydia are also effective ways to prevent or detect chlamydia early.

The symptoms of a Chlamydia infection may appear one to three weeks after sex. Women develop symptoms that may include vaginal discharge, pain when urinating, stomach pain, back pain, and fever. Meanwhile, men may experience penile discharge, rectal pain and bleeding, itching of genitals, and testicular swelling. Left untreated and undetected, chlamydia may cause serious diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and nongonococcal urethritis.

Patients with chlamydia can take antibiotics to cure the infection and also prevent its spread to their partners. They should, however, abstain from having sexual intercourse for seven days while they are taking antibiotics. It is also important that they finish the medication even if all the symptoms have subsided to ensure they are fully cured. Returning to the doctor in case symptoms persists is also recommended.

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