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The human body is programmed to stay alert during the day and sleep at night. That's why it can be very difficult to recover from jet lag. You are going against the natural rhythm of your body. Even the most frequent flyers find it hard to readjust to their new time zone.

Overcoming tiredness and lack of sleep due to jet lag is not always easy, but it is certainly doable. You can take medication like Circadin to minimise jet lag. Circadin contains melatonin, which is a substance known to be helpful for inducing sleep. It is also a hormone that your brain naturally produces to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. In simple terms, this substance tells your brain it is sleeping time, encouraging your body to get some shuteye.

Circadin is a tablet form of melatonin that has a clock-shifting effect in the body. It syncs your body clock back to normal or allows you to adjust to a new time zone quicker. Some research also found that Circadin can help those with circadian rhythm disorders. Some signs of this disorder include having trouble getting to sleep at night and waking up late each day.

Circadin is a prescription medicine that you cannot buy over the counter. It may cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, and vivid dreams. You need to see your GP, who will ask you to honestly answer a medical questionnaire so that he or she can prescribe the right dosage of Circadin to you.

Don’t have time to schedule an appointment with your GP before travelling to another country? Simply visit an online doctor consultation and prescription service provider and get your Circadin medicine online. You can also have your medicine delivered to your home. To ensure safety, make sure you are dealing with CQC regulated websites.

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