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The wide availability of malaria tablets online is a great news for travellers who want to go to parts of the world with a high risk of this disease. The number of deaths and infections caused by malaria are alarming after all, and this deadly disease should never be taken lightly. It’s always prudent to take anti-malaria tablets when you go to countries with high malaria incidents to protect yourself.

You may be wondering - is taking anti-malaria tablets really necessary? Definitely. Different tablets work differently. Some need to be taken daily while others are weekly tablets. Some need to be taken just a couple of days before travel, while others have to be started at least a week before. It is important to take note that not all malaria tablets online are the right choice for you. Thus, it is imperative to consult your GP before deciding to buy a certain brand of anti-malaria tablets. A doctor's prescription is especially necessary for people under 18 years of age, pregnant women, and those who are taking maintenance medication.

Don't have the time to get an appointment with your GP? Then visit an online pharmacy or internet healthcare provider instead. You can sign up for a free online consultation with their doctor and get electronic prescriptions. You can also buy the prescribed malaria tablets online directly from them.

Here's how buying online medicine works. First, the online healthcare provider collects medical information so that a doctor can prescribe the right medication for you. They will then send the prescription electronically to their partner pharmacy. Upon receiving the prescription, the pharmacy ships your malarial tablets to your home within the day or a day after the online consultation.

This option is convenient, fast, discreet, and secure. Reputable online pharmacies and healthcare providers ensure that all their patients' information remains confidential and safe.

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