How to a Choose Highly Experienced Online GP in the UK?

These days, you can seek help from a GP in the UK whenever you need one and wherever you are. Thanks to online healthcare services providers, qualified doctors are just a few taps away. This means you can get an accurate diagnosis, receive electronic prescriptions, and buy medicines without seeing your GP in the UK face to face. This method is faster, more convenient, and more discreet.

Much has been said about the advantages of seeking help from online doctors, but there are very few guidelines teaching patients how to carefully choose a qualified GP in the UK. If you want to make sure that you are getting medical advice and treatments from an experienced physician, you must always practice due diligence in checking the doctor or the healthcare provider. Before you schedule an online consultation, do these first.

  • Look for a trusted internet healthcare provider
    It is very unlikely for a registered GP to offer online consultation services independently. Doctors are usually members of a large healthcare services provider. By choosing a trusted internet healthcare company, you can be sure that their doctors are qualified to provide diagnosis and prescriptions.
  • Check if they are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
    In the UK, all types of health care providers must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Only those companies whose names are on the list of the regulatory board can guarantee that their doctors are GMC-registered and that their services and products comply with the standards.
  • Choose a UK-based online healthcare services provider
    It is easier to check if the doctor and the healthcare services provider are qualified and legally operating if they are based in the UK. Aside from that, UK-based providers are also preferable because they can respond faster since they are operating within the same time zone. They can ship your medicines within the day or next day.

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  • Genuine medication prescribed and dispensed by UK GPs and pharmacy
  • Free next day UK delivery
  • Discrete service, no face to face appointments needed
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