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Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence can be described as the inability to achieve and keep a firm enough erection for sexual intercourse. While having erection troubles time and again isn’t necessarily concerning, ongoing erectile dysfunction can be a cause for stress, self-esteem problems, and relationship strains.

Getting online treatment for erectile dysfunction is crucial not only because of the trouble the condition is causing to your personal life, but more importantly because such dysfunction could be a sign of more serious underlying health conditions that require treatment. In most cases, treating the underlying cause for erectile dysfunction is enough to reverse the condition. Medications and direct treatments can also help remedy the problem.

The great thing about online treatment for erectile dysfunction is that it removes much of the stress and the embarrassment that comes with trying to get checked for ED. Online GPs are a great option for diagnosing erectile dysfunction because most of the time, it only takes answering questions about the patient’s medical history to diagnose the dysfunction and prescribe a recommended treatment. Only when underlying conditions are suspected should further tests and specialist consultations be conducted to find the most suitable treatment for ED.

Some common tests to determine underlying conditions for ED include physical examinations, blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests, and psychological examination. The latter is often prescribed when physical evidences are not enough to constitute a dysfunction. ED can be physical or psychological in nature, and proper diagnosis must be done in order to prescribe the best solutions to underlying problems.

Oral medications are available to help with erectile dysfunction, including Sildenafil or Viagra, Tadalafil or Acirca/Cialis, Vadenafil or Levitra/Staxyn, and Avanafil or Stendra. These oral medications enhance nitric oxide effects within the body (nitric oxide is a chemical that is responsible for relaxing the penile muscles). They increase blood flow to the male genitalia, enabling erection during sexual stimulation.

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