How to Order Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Online - Including Info on Dosage and Treatment Duration

These days, you don't have to schedule a consultation with your GP to get prescriptions if you think you have bacterial vaginosis or BV. You can opt to order bacterial vaginosis treatment online. Healthcare centres or pharmacies now have websites where you can book an online consultation with one of their registered doctors and get drug prescriptions conveniently.

What if you are not sure if you have bacterial vaginosis?

You should not order bacterial vaginosis treatment online if you are not yet diagnosed by a doctor. What you can do for now is to buy a Full STI Screen - a home testing kit that can diagnose several conditions including BV. You can order this kit online and do the test at home if you are too embarrassed to go to a clinic. To do this, simply buy the kit, follow the instructions, and send it back to the online healthcare provider. They will screen the sample and send you the results online.

How does an online consultation work?

You need to register before you can begin the consultation. Upon providing the necessary information, you then complete a medical form. Make sure to answer accurately as online doctors will prescribe treatments according to your answers. You must be thorough and truthful. After you have chosen your treatment and have completed your payment, the healthcare provider will send the prescription to their partner pharmacy. The pharmacy will then deliver your medicine the same day or the next day.

What bacterial vaginosis treatments are available online?

There are several treatment options as well as different dosages and treatment durations. Choices typically include Tinidazole, Metronidazole tablets, and Clindamycin cream. The duration of treatment varies from case to case, though most patients with BV typically take medications for five to seven days.

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