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Let’s be honest - sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes aren’t something you want to discuss with everyone. But you can’t ignore them either. Symptoms alone, like painful blisters around the genitals, can cause enough discomfort to disrupt your life and may even escalate to dangerous complications.

It might make you feel better to know that you are not alone. Genital herpes is quite common in the UK. In fact, the disease is known to be one of the country’s most common sexually transmitted infections. This trend is prompting the medical community to find ways to treat the disease discreetly to spare patients from the anxieties of talking to a doctor.

Online medical services are now actively providing quality consultation and treatments to patients in the UK who are suffering from genital herpes. The best online medical services are adequately staffed with GMC registered doctors who attend to patients from all over the country. Patients enjoy medical attention while keeping their privacy. All their medical records and consultation details are kept confidential.

Getting a prescription for genital herpes treatment online is fast and easy to do, but you have to do your part. It is your responsibility as a patient to disclose all relevant information about your medical history. This significantly helps a specialist determine which medication will have the best effects without compromising your health.

Generally, two treatment options are suggested for genital herpes patients. Note, however, that there is really no cure for the disease. Genital herpes treatments online can lessen the physical discomforts caused by the infection but not eliminate the root cause. If you are allergy-free or not suffering from liver and kidney diseases, daily low doses of Aciclovir may be one of the prescriptions you will receive. Aciclovir is an anti-viral drug that suppresses the herpes simplex virus from spreading throughout the body. If you are suffering from allergies or kidney problems, though, your treatment may be different. Online medical services in the UK give patients greater convenience by confidentially delivering kits and prescription drugs in generic, nondescript boxes. Give it a go! Don’t suffer in silence and get the treatment you need - fast.

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