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Just as you can buy bacterial vaginosis treatments online, you can also get consultations online. Many UK doctors and clinics are extending their services on the web, providing an easy and convenient way for patients to get proper diagnoses and electronic prescriptions. But unlike in regular hospital appointments, there's no need for patients and doctors to meet face to face.

Patients only have to answer medical questionnaires so that online doctors can assess their history, current condition, and suggest suitable treatment. Online physicians can also issue electronic prescriptions for bacterial vaginosis and other conditions. Patients can communicate with their online doctors through secure and private internet portals in case they have further questions.

The best BV treatment online and the duration of medication prescribed varies from patient to patient. You must therefore answer the medical questionnaire accurately, making sure to disclose your symptoms and list any other medications you might already be taking. The following are some of the most frequently prescribed treatments for BV. The right medication for you really depends on your particular case.

Tinidazole - Oral tinidazole is one of the common treatments for bacterial vaginosis. It is prescribed in different dosage regimens, depending on the case of each patient. Sometimes doctors prescribe a single dose of a 2-gram Tinidazole. Sometimes, they also prescribe longer courses, recommending patients to take 1g daily for five days.

Metronidazole - Metronidazole is another effective antibiotic treatment for BV. It is available in a single dose and seven-day treatment course. Like all medications, Metronidazole may also cause side effects including nausea, diarrhoea, and allergic rash.

Clindamycin - Clindamycin is a cream treatment that is considered to be as effective as Metronidazole. Since it is applied and not taken orally, clindamycin has fewer side effects.

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