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Online doctors in the UK are just like regular physicians; the only difference is that they provide healthcare services using the internet. They have their own platforms where they do online consultations and provide electronic prescriptions.

Unlike doctors working in clinics and hospitals, online doctors in the UK are reachable at any time of the day. Simply log in to your account to receive your online consultation, get a diagnosis, and get your electronic prescription.

By offering complete online healthcare services, online doctors in the UK provide patients with convenience and save them money. Not only that - they can also provide patients with more personalised consultations. Online doctors provide care in a discreet and private manner. They allow patients to get treatment for their ailments without feeling embarrassed, and with the confidence that they are receiving suitable treatments.

It’s important to be careful in choosing an online doctor in the UK, just as you would when finding a GP you can trust. There are many things that you must keep in mind to select the best online doctor or a healthcare provider that offers an accurate diagnosis, clinically effective treatments, and compassionate care.

Certification from the Care Quality Commission

Online doctors in the UK are usually members of online healthcare service providers. They don't provide services on their own - they do it though a licensed platform. When choosing a doctor, you should check if the companies they belong to are registered with the CQC. Visit the official website of the organisation and search for the company on their directory. In case you can't find their name on their list, move on and look for another provider.

GMC registration

Medical doctors in the UK are not allowed to practice if they are not registered with the General Medical Council. A trusted online healthcare provider should give information about the credentials of their online doctors. There should be information on their website detailing who their prescribing doctors are, including their registration numbers and qualifications.

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