What happens if toenail fungus is not treated?

Toenail fungus is one irritation which we often put aside or ignore as a minor irritation.

Toenail fungus is one irritation which we often put aside or ignore as a minor irritation. However, doing so can have some serious consequences. Click here to find out why you should get your fungal nail treated right away.

Although we tend to be more health conscious nowadays than ever before, there are still a number of seemingly minor health problems that people tend to ignore in the hope that they will simply clear up on their own. One such problem is fungal toenail infections. While these are not considered very serious in their own right, they can cause other issues if left untreated. It’s therefore vital that you use an effective fungal nail infection treatment to clear up the problem before it’s too late. Let’s take a closer look at what happens if toenail fungus is not treated and what you can do to fix the problem.

How to Spot a Fungal Nail Infection

Toenail fungus is likely to start off as a mere discolouration; which may account for so many people either missing or ignore the problem during the early stages. Over time, the nail will turn either white or yellow, and you’ll experience serious thickening.

What Will Happen if the Nail is Left Untreated?

Since the infection causes thickening of the nail, one of the first consequences of leaving your toenail fungus untreated, will be that you begin to experience some real discomfort and may even start to feel pain when walking.

A more serious risk of leaving an infected nail untreated though is that it could spread to your other nails, and eventually to your skin. When you have fungal nail, the environment created by tight footwear and sweaty socks becomes a breeding ground for the fungus and can cause the skin on your feet to become irritated, cracked, and red. This condition is often referred to as athlete’s foot.

In severe cases, lack of treatment can also lead to the loss of nails. The longer you leave a nail untreated, the weaker and more brittle it will become and it can crack, chip, or even break. Severe breakage can lead to losing the nail permanently depending on the severity of the infection.


So, what can you do to treat fungal nail? The best options are a course of fungal nail tablets or application of a topical fungal nail infection cream. The most common treatments are Terbinafine and Trosyl.

Terbinafine is a course of oral fungal nail tablets which is taken over the course of 12 weeks. After 8 to 10 weeks, you will notice a new healthy nail growing. It might take more than six months to see a result so this is definitely a more long-term solution. There are also some side effects like headaches and loss of appetite which could upset you more than the fungal nail infection in the first place.

Due to this, many people prefer to use a topical solution like Trosyl nail paint. All you need to do is paint the infected nail once a day and it will gradually work its way into your nail bed and kill the infection. It can take up to a year to fully kill the fungus, but it is under control and in remission during this time and so it remains the preferred option for most people. Many people choose to stop before the course of treatment is over as they feel like they are cured when the majority of their visible symptoms have gone. This can, however, mean they run the risk of redeveloping the infection.

Seek Treatment Today

It’s common to notice the beginnings of a fungal nail treatment and then put it to one side because of the distractions of a busy lifestyle. However, doing so can lead to some worsening symptoms and even permanent consequences. If you underestimate the damage they can cause, you may pay for it later down the line. Fungal nail infections are so easy to treat; there is no excuse for letting them get out of hand.

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