Fungal Nail Infection is difficult to treat

Fungal Nail Infection has a lifetime incidence of up to 90% in patients with psoriasis. In addition to the cosmetic impact, it causes pain and interferes with the activities of daily living in a large proportion of those affected. Fungal Nail Infection treatment can be unsatisfactory and is limited by temporary efficacy or adverse side-effects.

Subfungal hyperkeratosis occurs as a consequence of nail bed psoriasis. It can be difficult to differentiate from fungal nail disease. Coexisting fungal infection of the nail is not infrequent and samples for mycology should be taken is this is suspected.

Good nail care is important. Although nail varnish may conceal pitting, hard abrasives and over-exuberant manicure should be avoided. Nails should be trimmed short, to prevent fungal nail infection.

Fungal Nail Infection remains a distressing feature that is difficult to treat. Topical drugs such as Tosyl can help and are simple to use, but their effect may be limited and short-lived and they are not without side-effects. Terbinafine is a very good drug that is taken in tablet form to treat fungal infections but terbinafine can cause side-effects.

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